At JetNet we strive for teamwork, service, respect, and organizational excellence. It’s by these values we came together to provide the new technology auto dealers and insurance agencies will use every day to sell policies for customers purchasing vehicles nationwide.

JetNet was created for the purpose of servicing both auto retailers and insurance agencies. Leveraging their 25 years in automotive retail, the JetNet team formed to create a solution capable of expediting and streamlining the auto insurance process.

Whether you’re a dealer or an insurance agency, our intuitive product and integrated services increase the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of your current sales process.

JetNet was established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2016. It was created and founded by Sary Chakra, a Charlotte Native, who has been part of the auto retail business for the past 6 years. From a successful history in auto sales, to managing the family business, Sary has had the privilege of dealing with customers that face hardship in the buying process due to auto insurance.

This is why JetNEt was created, to assist the people that face difficulty in the car buying process due to no auto insurance or high auto insurance rates.

Check out our How It Works Video Demo for DEALERS and AGENTS!