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Accelerate the sales process. Avoid never ending calls and
email conversations. The JetNet platform provides all the
information an agent needs to give and send quotes.
Bank on JetNet to...
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Provide numerous auto insurance policies for your customers.
Within minutes your customer will have multiple quotes to
choose from and compare for the best selection.
Bank on JetNet to...
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Be your solitary partner & solitary tool for all of your insurance 
needs. We connect dealers, consumers, & insurance sources 
online for your business to be conducted wherever. 
Bank on JetNet to...
Connectivity, synchronization & precision power your dealership’s primary workflow

Detailed, Quick and Easy

  • Detailed: Dealership associate helps new car buyer fill out the customer and vehicle information for quote process.
  •  Quick:  One application is sent to all insurance agencies, where agents view customer & vehicle information.  Agents then send out auto policy quotes.
  • Easy:  Sending customer information to multiple insurance agencies take less than 2 minutes.  It can be done from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Reliable Affordable Convenient

  • Reliable:  If insurance agents have question about customer or vehicle, they can quickly use JetNet's chat feature.  This way insurance agents know prior information before sending a reliable quote.
  • Affordable:  Having quotes by multiple insurance agencies, customer has ability to select the best policy for their vehicle.
  • Convenient:  JetNet is an online software.  It works from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Efficiency Engine for All

  • Dealerships save time by getting multiple quotes instantly.  This helps dealership avoids long phone, text and email conversations to get affordable insurance quotes for their customers.
  • Insurance agencies increase their sales by getting more leads.  Detailed customer and vehicle information helps agencies send quick reliable quotes.  More quotes = more sales
  • Customers save money by selecting the best quote and coverage for their vehicle.  They get instant proof of insurance from Agencies to drive their new vehicle off the lot.  
  • A Happy customer is the best customer!!

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